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Matthew is a member of the Customer Service team. He is a sports nut, having graduated with a degree in Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. You can always catch him watching sport with his mates in town and in the summer he plays for a local cricket side. His guilty pleasure is sweets!

Sausage sarnie and a bit of banter

As soon as I arrive to work on Monday morning, I am greeted with a warm welcome from my team members who ask how my weekend was.The banter is something I look forward to on Monday mornings, especially when England beat Wales!

I missed breakfast this morning at home but I don’t need to worry. As soon as we arrive to work on Monday morning we are greeted with a free breakfast and a drink of our choice from Milk & Sugar. This is a great way to start the week. I go for the bacon and sausage sandwich……

A chat and a newbie

With a nice full belly and a bit of a caffeine buzz, I start the day on chat. Exceeding customers’ expectations and giving them good news is very rewarding. Having the responsibility and ability to make someone’s day better is a great part of the job and I always feel proud when I can achieve this.

A new person has started at Rostella today so I welcome them in and show them around, introduce them to everyone and start to show them the ropes.

When a new team member joins, I want to make them feel welcome from the outset by spending time with them individually. I like to talk about their role in greater detail and show them what we do on a day to day basis. I’m really looking forward to seeing more new employees join Rostella as we move into our second year of trading.

Bringing ideas to the table

It’s time for the monthly feedback session. We all take our cuppas and our notepads, and make our way into the meeting room.

As a team, we are all constantly bringing new ideas to the table. This helps develop a modern way of thinking.

My favourite part of working at Rostella is being involved in the growth of the company. From day one of joining, I have had ample opportunity to suggest new ways of working and to help steer how the company will look moving forward.

Today, I talk about how I think we could improve our internal systems and website.

Go karting, a BBQ and work-life balance

At Rostella, we recognise everyone’s achievements and milestones. Today we’re told we’re going to celebrate one of my colleague’s achievements by going go-karting on Saturday, followed by a BBQ. We’re all pretty excited about that and spend the rest of the day bragging about our driving abilities!

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I feel I have a great work-life balance. I really enjoy working hard throughout the week and spending my weekends playing sport. My work provides challenges similar to sport – we work together as a team to achieve a common goal.

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