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David is our Customer Experience Specialist and closet metal head. Pre-Rostella, he picked up a guitar, joined a band and gigged and toured for 11 years. The band released two EPs and were Metal Hammer’s ‘Best Incoming Band’. Now life is all about his wife and son, bike rides, skating and splashing in puddles. Plus a bit of video gaming and roller derby on the side!

‘Morning all!’

It’s a bitterly cold Monday morning with a blustery wind that whips up the rain, making it impossible to stay dry. But when I step into the office, it’s as warm as the welcome I get. Everyone is looking forward to breakfast and discussing the weekend goings on before the 9 am line hits. There’s no better perk than to start the week with a bacon and sausage sandwich on white and a steaming hot mocha. I settle into work and find my back is playing up. My colleague fetches me painkillers and even offers to make me a hot water bottle!

Bot training

I load up the chatbot and begin reviewing the chats. Analysis is very important in my role. I use it to better understand our user experience – and if a bot is misbehaving I train it to improve. The most challenging part of my job is understanding the general psyche of our users. It’s important that I can preempt what they will say. Then I can direct their query in a way that will give the best answer for them – all the while making a chatbot come across as human as possible. I get a buzz when I read a chat transcript where a user has had no interaction with our customer service team at all. The chatbot has given the user everything they want and they have gone away happy.

My Skynet afternoon

After lunch, I get my head down and work on more bots. Skynet is coming! I am specialising bots in specific areas, to improve user statement recognition and to reduce misunderstandings. This afternoon, I’m working on a new interaction mechanism so a bot can handle new business queries more efficiently. The idea is that less users will need to come through to our customer service team, allowing them to concentrate on the more complex tasks. The bot is not looking to replace our workforce, it’s here to compliment it, to drive us to be leaders in our field and, more importantly, give the user the experience they deserve and expect.

Making a difference

I’m indirectly the users’ first point of contact (although the chatbot likes to take the credit!) which is massively important to the customer experience. This is how I make a difference to the business. The ecosystem in Rostella is dynamic. There is an understanding that every person who works here is an individual in their own right with great ideas. I am incredibly proud of what I do and it doesn’t take long for me to mention my job to family and friends!

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