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Marc is one of our Claims Handlers and joined Rostella as part of our Customer Service team before we started trading.

A good start to the week

Monday mornings will typically start with saying hello to my colleagues and finding out what they’ve been up to over the weekend before checking my emails and outstanding work. Our Monday breakfast is always¬†something to look forward to! I tend to go for the same thing weekly and enjoy a caramel latte to start the day…..

Working in Claims and managing my own workload is really rewarding. I’ve been with the business since it started trading and initially started in the Customer Services team. It’s always a good feeling to see my progression as the week goes along. The work is very varied and can involve dealing with a lot of challenging situations. There’s been challenges to work through as a team and as a business as we’ve grown and it’s been fantastic to be at the front in supporting the company with training and providing direction for the team as we’ve all progressed together.

Birthday banter

Whilst a lot of people do like to take their birthday off if it falls on a work day, my recent 40th was a day in work and I came into the office to be greeted to a decorated desk accompanied with cakes and balloons! It was a lovely thought from my colleagues!

Working for a start-up

I’m proud of the role I play and have played to date, from the early stages of the business to where the business currently is. It’s amazing to see how we’ve grown over such a short period of time. It’s been a great opportunity to play an active role in the setting up of the business and being able to proactively suggest improvements to the work we do and see those improvements take shape and really make a difference.



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