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Alison is our Head of HR and has been with Rostella since October 2018 just before trading started. She works part-time which means she can balance raising her 2 children Olivia and Theo with being part of the Company’s exciting journey.

Tuesday’s the start of my working week!

I’m fortunate that working 3 days means I can balance the school run and after-school activities sensibly along with a really rewarding career with Rostella. The business offers a lot of flexibility and support and so my first day in the office is a Tuesday where I look forward to seeing the team and having a hot cup of coffee (without a small child trying to get in on the action!)

Helping the team to grow

One of my biggest challenges has been how to support the business in finding top talent fast as we’ve rapidly scaled up over the last 18 months. This means working really closely with my colleagues to understand what type of person will fit well in their teams before looking at how best to attract the right candidates and show them what a great place Rostella is to work.

Lunch banter

As a self-proclaimed ‘flexitarian’, there’s often a lot of banter in the office about my choice of meat-free lunches! Being in the city centre, I love how I can walk within 5 minutes to a number of amazing cafes and enjoy the diverse choice Cardiff has to offer. If I’m feeling particularly energetic, I’ll go for a short run around Bute park and there’s usually a couple of other runners in the office who’ll be out too.

Team spirit

While we have a lot of flexibility to work remotely, I really enjoy the days in the office with my colleagues and find it incredibly rewarding when we complete a project together and see the direct impact it’s made to the business. At the point of writing, there are 31 of us in Rostella and I count myself incredibly lucky to have been part of this journey from a team of 10!

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