About us

We provide customer service, claims handling, underwriting and pricing to our sister company Hedgehog.


What we do






Customer service


How we work


Driving for perfection

Continuous improvement

We work hard to create a culture where everyone is encouraged to make suggestions and recommendations to deliver a continuous cycle of change and improvement. Our belief is by making ongoing marginal gains the cumulative impact is significant.

Understanding the ‘why’

Identify the root cause

Understanding the core reasons of why things happen is at the heart of what we do. As a group we firmly believe in identifying the true reason an event occurred using techniques such as Root Cause Analysis and methodologies such as ‘black box thinking’.

Smart working

Data driven decisions

We’re continuously collecting and using data to drive improvements and refinements to what we do. Through various techniques including A/B testing, data modelling and statistical analysis, we encourage each other to think creatively, hypothesise, plan, test, check and implement change.

Open and honest conversations

Feedback loops

We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to give honest and constructive feedback as well as acknowledging colleagues for a job well done. Feedback is delivered fairly with the focus on helping and improving.

Keeping things simple

Agile/lean working

We like to work fast. To do this we keep our way of working simple and targeted, and focus on our desire to make a difference. We use project delivery techniques including lean working and agile development. We regularly work in groups made up of people from across the business.

Our Journey